Alternative to Anki for Biblical Greek Flashcards


Although flashcards are only part of a well designed study plan for the student who wants to learn Biblical Greek, they are still important. I remember my first year as a Biblical Greek student. I spent several weeks trying different flashcard programs, I tried Quizlet, Memrise, and Anki. They are all great tools, but each individual app had different problems.

These apps provide user entered flashcard sets. Not every site had the flashcard sets corresponding to my textbook. And when they did have the chapter, there were occasionally mistakes in the cards. I remember a frustrated argument with my lecturer one week where I had a question marked as incorrect, because I had learnt the card incorrectly, only because the flashcard app I was using was incorrect. I eventually settled on Anki, and ended up having to custom build many of my flashcard sets. Although Anki is a paid product, it has excellent graphs and statistics, and I personally found being able to visually track my progress self-motivating.

Flashcards shouldn’t be so difficult. This is why I set out to build the Biblical Greek Flashcard section of this website. I wanted all of my students, from week 1, to be able to instantly access any flashcard set they need, and be able to trust that the flashcard sets were accurate, and to be able to take advantage of the built in images and audio where available.

There are just a few key things to be aware of. Although we have built flashcard set to correspond with many of the popular textbooks on the market today, for copyright reasons we are using our own dictionary definitions. Although word definitions vary slightly from one textbook to another, the fundamental meanings of the words do not change.