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Seven Tips for Learning the Biblical Languages.

03/02/2022 3:00am by Jay Rhoden Are you interested in learning to read Scripture in the original languages? Here are the tips I wish someone had given me when I was getting started. Read

Read the Greek New Testament in one year in 2022

26/11/2021 3:00am by Jay Rhoden Lets read the entire New Testament in Greek together this year Read

Alternative to Anki for Biblical Greek Flashcards

25/07/2021 2:00am by Jay Rhoden Flashcards are part of every Biblical Greek student's journey, why is our website a better alternative to Anki. Read

Biblical Greek Words that are easy to mix up

18/05/2021 2:00am by Jay Rhoden There are a few words in Biblical Greek that are easily confused or mixed up. Here are some commonly confused words. Read

Why Learn Biblical Greek

18/05/2021 2:00am by Jay Rhoden Let's consider the reasons why we should study Biblical Greek or Biblical Hebrew. Certainly the end goal is worthy, but its no small task, so lets consider the reasons why we should be passionate about the biblical languages. Read

Biblical Greek Text Organised By Word Frequency

10/05/2021 2:00am by Jay Rhoden Lets discover the passages and chapters of the New Testament that are the easiest to read for beginning Koine Greek students. Read

Biblical Greek Tutors and Study Groups (2021)

02/05/2021 2:00am by Jay Rhoden An up to date collection of people who currently provide online Biblical Greek tutorials and training in 2021. Read

Which Greek Biblical Text is Best for Students

06/04/2021 2:00am by Jay Rhoden There are several different Greek texts to choose from when we begin to study the biblical text in the original languages. Lets consider how to decide which text is best for you. Read

Dead Sea Scroll fragments

17/03/2021 3:00am by Jay Rhoden Israeli archaeologists at the Israel Antiquities Authority have announced discovery of new Dead Sea Scroll fragments Read

Audio Recordings of the Biblical Text

10/01/2021 3:00am by Jay Rhoden Links to Audio recordings of the Biblical Text available on the internet Read