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  2. Byzantine NT

Luke 23:1-7

Jesus Before Pilate

1Καὶκαί conjand, also, even ἀναστὰνἀνίστημι verbraise, rise, cause to arise ἅπανἅπας nom s neach, every, all τὸ articlethe πλῆθοςπλῆθος nom s nmultitude αὐτῶναὐτός pers. pronounhe, she, it, ἤγαγονἄγω 3p 2aor act indlead, bring αὐτὸναὐτός pers. pronounhe, she, it ἐπὶἐπί prepover, on, at the time of (gen) τὸν articlethe ΠιλάτονΠιλᾶτος acc s mPilate. 2Ἤρξαντοἄρχομαι 3p aor mid indbegin δὲδέ conjbut, and, now κατηγορεῖνκατηγορέω pres act indaccuse, charge, prosecute αὐτοῦαὐτός pers. pronounhe, she, it, λεγοντεςλέγω verbsay, speak, Τοῦτονοὗτος dem pronounthis, he, she εὕρομενεὑρίσκω 1p 2aor act indfind διαστρεφονταδιαστρέφω verbdistort, pervert, misinterpret τὸ articlethe ἔθνοςἔθνος acc s nnation, Gentiles (plural), race, καὶκαί conjand, also, even κωλυοντακωλύω verbforbid, hinder, prevent ΚαίσαριΚαῖσαρ dat s mCaesar φορουςφόρος acc p mtribute, tax διδοναιδίδωμι pres act indgive, offer, λεγονταλέγω verbsay, speak ἑαυτὸνἑαυτοῦ reflex. pronounof himself, himself, herself χριστὸνχριστός acc s mChrist, Messiah, Anointed One βασιλεαβασιλεύς acc s mking, ruler, emperor εἶναιεἰμί pres act indam, exist. 3 articlethe δὲδέ conjbut, and, now ΠιλάτοςΠιλᾶτος nom s mPilate ἐπηρώτησενἐπερωτάω 3s aor act indask, question, demand of αὐτόναὐτός pers. pronounhe, she, it, λεγωνλέγω verbsay, speak, Σὺσύ pers. pronounyou εἶεἰμί 2s pres act indam, exist articlethe βασιλεὺςβασιλεύς nom s mking, ruler, emperor τῶν articlethe ἸουδαίωνἸουδαῖος gen p mJew, Judea, Jewish ; articlethe δὲδέ conjbut, and, now ἀποκριθεὶςἀποκρίνομαι verbanswer, reply αὐτῷαὐτός pers. pronounhe, she, it ἔφηφημί 3s impf act indsay, Σὺσύ pers. pronounyou λεγειςλέγω 2s pres act indsay, speak. 4 articlethe δὲδέ conjbut, and, now ΠιλάτοςΠιλᾶτος nom s mPilate εἶπενλέγω 3s 2aor act indsay, speak πρὸςπρός prepto, towards, with (acc) τοὺς articlethe ἀρχιερεῖςἀρχιερεύς acc p mchief priest, high priest καὶκαί conjand, also, even τοὺς articlethe ὄχλουςὄχλος acc p mcrowd, multitude, Οὐδὲνοὐδείς acc s nno one, none, nothing εὑρίσκωεὑρίσκω 1s pres act indfind αἴτιοναἴτιος acc s ncausative of, responsible for, cause of ἐνἐν prepin (dat), in, on τῷ articlethe ἀνθρώπῳἄνθρωπος dat s mman, person, human being τούτῳοὗτος dem pronounthis, he, she. 5Οἱ articlethe δὲδέ conjbut, and, now ἐπίσχυονἐπισχύω 3p impf act indgrow strong, persist, insist, λεγοντεςλέγω verbsay, speak ὅτιὅτι conjthat, because, since Ἀνασείειἀνασείω 3s pres act indstir up, incite, shake up τὸν articlethe λαονλαός acc s mpeople, crowd, διδασκωνδιδάσκω verbteach καθ᾽κατά prepdown from, against (gen), according to ὅληςὅλος gen s fwhole, entire, all τῆς articlethe ἸουδαίαςἸουδαία gen s fJudea, ἀρξάμενοςἄρχομαι verbbegin ἀπὸἀπό prepfrom (gen), away from, from τῆς articlethe ΓαλιλαίαςΓαλιλαία gen s fGalilee ἕωςἕως advuntil, as far as (with gen), as far as ὧδεὧδε advhere, in this place. 6ΠιλάτοςΠιλᾶτος nom s mPilate δὲδέ conjbut, and, now ἀκούσαςἀκούω verbhear, listen ΓαλιλαίανΓαλιλαία acc s fGalilee ἐπηρώτησενἐπερωτάω 3s aor act indask, question, demand of εἰεἰ condif articlethe ἄνθρωποςἄνθρωπος nom s mman, person, human being ΓαλιλαῖόςΓαλιλαῖος nom s mGalilean ἐστινεἰμί 3s pres act indam, exist. 7Καὶκαί conjand, also, even ἐπιγνοὺςἐπιγινώσκω verbrecognise, come to know, discern ὅτιὅτι conjthat, because, since ἐκἐκ prepout of, from (gen), by τῆς articlethe ἐξουσίαςἐξουσία gen s fauthority, power, weight ἩρῴδουἩρῴδης gen s mHerod ἐστίνεἰμί 3s pres act indam, exist, ἀνέπεμψενἀναπέμπω 3s aor act indsend back, send up to a higher tribunal αὐτὸναὐτός pers. pronounhe, she, it πρὸςπρός prepto, towards, with (acc) ἩρῴδηνἩρῴδης acc s mHerod, ὄνταεἰμί verbam, exist καὶκαί conjand, also, even αὐτὸναὐτός pers. pronounhe, she, it ἐνἐν prepin (dat), in, on ἹεροσολύμοιςἹεροσόλυμα dat p nJerusalem ἐνἐν prepin (dat), in, on ταυταιςοὗτος dem pronounthis, he, she ταῖς articlethe ἡμέραιςἡμέρα dat p fday.