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Luke 23:18-22

Pilate Delivers Jesus to Be Crucified

18Ἀνέκραξανἀνακράζω 3p aor act indcry out, shout aloud δὲδέ conjbut, and, now παμπληθειπαμπληθεί advall together, all at once, λεγοντεςλέγω verbsay, speak, Αἶρεαἴρω verbtake up, take away, raise τοῦτονοὗτος dem pronounthis, he, she, ἀπόλυσονἀπολύω verbrelease, set free, divorce δὲδέ conjbut, and, now ἡμῖνἐγώ pers. pronounI ΒαραββᾶνΒαραββᾶς acc s mBarabbas: 19ὅστιςὅστις rel. pronounwho, whoever, what ἦνεἰμί 3s impf act indam, exist διὰδιά prepthrough (gen), because of, on account of (acc) στασινστάσις acc s fstanding, rebellion, dissension τινὰτις indef. ponounone, certain one, someone γενομενηνγίνομαι verbbecome, be, come into being ἐνἐν prepin (dat), in, on τῇ articlethe πολειπόλις dat s fcity καὶκαί conjand, also, even φονονφόνος acc s mmurder, slaughter βεβλημενοςβάλλω verbthrow, put, cast εἰςεἰς prepinto (acc), into, in φυλακηνφυλακή acc s fguard, prison, watch. 20Πάλινπάλιν advback, again, further οὖνοὖν conjtherefore, then articlethe ΠιλάτοςΠιλᾶτος nom s mPilate προσεφωνησενπροσφωνέω 3s aor act indcall to, summon, θελωνθέλω verbwill, wish, want ἀπολῦσαιἀπολύω aor act indrelease, set free, divorce τὸν articlethe ἸησοῦνἸησοῦς acc s mJesus, Joshua. 21Οἱ articlethe δὲδέ conjbut, and, now ἐπεφώνουνἐπιφωνέω 3p impf act indcry out, shout, call out, λεγοντεςλέγω verbsay, speak, Σταύρωσονσταυρόω verbcrucify, σταυρωσονσταυρόω verbcrucify αὐτόναὐτός pers. pronounhe, she, it. 22 articlethe δὲδέ conjbut, and, now τριτοντρίτος acc s nthird εἶπενλέγω 3s 2aor act indsay, speak πρὸςπρός prepto, towards, with (acc) αὐτούςαὐτός pers. pronounhe, she, it, Τίτίς interr. pronounwho?, which?, what? γὰργάρ conjfor, because κακὸνκακός acc s nbad, evil ἐποίησενποιέω 3s aor act inddo, make οὗτοςοὗτος dem pronounthis, he, she ; Οὐδὲνοὐδείς acc s nno one, none, nothing αἴτιοναἴτιος acc s ncausative of, responsible for, cause of θανατουθάνατος gen s mdeath εὗρονεὑρίσκω 1s 2aor act indfind ἐνἐν prepin (dat), in, on αὐτῷαὐτός pers. pronounhe, she, it: παιδευσαςπαιδεύω verbteach, chastise, discipline οὖνοὖν conjtherefore, then αὐτὸναὐτός pers. pronounhe, she, it ἀπολύσωἀπολύω 1s fut act indrelease, set free, divorce.