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  2. Byzantine NT

Luke 23:50-58

Jesus is Buried

50Καὶκαί conjand, also, even ἰδούὁράω verbsee, look upon, experience, ἀνὴρἀνήρ nom s mman, husband, male ὀνόματιὄνομα dat s nname, character, reputation ἸωσήφἸωσήφ indclJoseph, βουλευτὴςβουλευτής nom s mcouncilor, member of a city council, of the Sanhedrin ὑπάρχωνὑπάρχω verbbe, exist, am, ἀνὴρἀνήρ nom s mman, husband, male ἀγαθὸςἀγαθός nom s mgood καὶκαί conjand, also, even δικαιοςδίκαιος nom s mrighteous, just, right - 51οὗτοςοὗτος dem pronounthis, he, she οὐκοὐ not, no ἦνεἰμί 3s impf act indam, exist συγκατατεθειμενοςσυγκατατίθημι verbgive a vote with, assent to τῇ articlethe βουλῇβουλή dat s fcounsel, purpose, deliberate wisdom καὶκαί conjand, also, even τῇ articlethe πραξειπρᾶξις dat s fdeed, function, practice αὐτῶναὐτός pers. pronounhe, she, it - ἀπὸἀπό prepfrom (gen), away from, from ἈριμαθαίαςἉριμαθαία gen s fArimathea πολεωςπόλις gen s fcity τῶν articlethe ἸουδαίωνἸουδαῖος gen p mJew, Judea, Jewish, ὃςὅς rel. pronounwho, which, that καὶκαί conjand, also, even προσεδεχετοπροσδέχομαι 3s impf mid/pas indreceive, wait for, expect καὶκαί conjand, also, even αὐτὸςαὐτός pers. pronounhe, she, it τὴν articlethe βασιλειανβασιλεία acc s fkingdom, royal rule, kingship τοῦ articlethe θεοῦθεός gen s mGod, god: 52οὗτοςοὗτος dem pronounthis, he, she προσελθὼνπροσέρχομαι verbcome to, go to, approach τῷ articlethe ΠιλάτῳΠιλᾶτος dat s mPilate ᾐτήσατοαἰτέω 3s aor mid indask, request, beg τὸ articlethe σῶμασῶμα acc s nbody, flesh τοῦ articlethe ἸησοῦἸησοῦς gen s mJesus, Joshua. 53Καὶκαί conjand, also, even καθελὼνκαθαιρέω verbtake down, pull down, depose αὐτὸαὐτός pers. pronounhe, she, it ἐνετύλιξενἐντυλίσσω 3s aor act indwrap up, fold up, roll round αὐτὸαὐτός pers. pronounhe, she, it σινδονισινδών dat s ffine linen cloth, linen cloth, καὶκαί conjand, also, even ἔθηκεντίθημι 3s aor act indplace, put αὐτὸαὐτός pers. pronounhe, she, it ἐνἐν prepin (dat), in, on μνηματιμνῆμα dat s ngrave, tomb, monument λαξευτῷλαξευτός dat s nhewn, hewn out of the rock, οὗοὗ advwhere, when οὐκοὐ not, no ἦνεἰμί 3s impf act indam, exist οὐδέπωοὐδέπω not yet, still not, never before οὐδεὶςοὐδείς nom s mno one, none, nothing κειμενοςκεῖμαι verblie, be laid, recline. 54Καὶκαί conjand, also, even ἡμέραἡμέρα nom s fday ἦνεἰμί 3s impf act indam, exist Παρασκευήπαρασκευή nom s fpreparation, day of preparation (for a Sabbath or feast), day before the Sabbath, σαββατονσάββατον nom s nSabbath, week ἐπέφωσκενἐπιφώσκω 3s impf act inddawn, begin, am near commencing. 55Κατακολουθήσασαικατακολουθέω verbfollow after δὲδέ conjbut, and, now γυναῖκεςγυνή nom p fwoman, wife, αἵτινεςὅστις rel. pronounwho, whoever, what ἦσανεἰμί 3p impf act indam, exist συνεληλυθυῖαισυνέρχομαι verbcome together, come or go with, accompany αὐτῷαὐτός pers. pronounhe, she, it ἐκἐκ prepout of, from (gen), by τῆς articlethe ΓαλιλαίαςΓαλιλαία gen s fGalilee, ἐθεάσαντοθεάομαι 3p aor mid indbehold, see, contemplate τὸ articlethe μνημεῖονμνημεῖον acc s ntomb, monument, sepulcher, καὶκαί conjand, also, even ὡςὡς advas, like, so that ἐτέθητίθημι 3s aor pas indplace, put τὸ articlethe σῶμασῶμα nom s nbody, flesh αὐτοῦαὐτός pers. pronounhe, she, it. 56Ὑποστρέψασαιὑποστρέφω verbreturn, turn back δὲδέ conjbut, and, now ἡτοίμασανἑτοιμάζω 3p aor act indprepare, make ready ἀρώματαἄρωμα acc p nspice, perfume καὶκαί conjand, also, even μυραμύρον acc p nointment, perfume, anointing oil. Καὶκαί conjand, also, even τὸ articlethe μὲνμέν particleon the one hand, indeed, truly σαββατονσάββατον acc s nSabbath, week ἡσύχασανἡσυχάζω 3p aor act indbe still, be silent, rest κατὰκατά prepdown from, against (gen), according to τὴν articlethe ἐντολήνἐντολή acc s fcommandment, ordinance, injunction.