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An Epitome of the New Testament - Nicholas Stoffel

First Part — The Birth and Infancy of our Lord Jesus Christ

This is a simplified summary of the narrative of the Greek New Testament designed for students of Biblical Greek who are looking for easy to read comprehensible input. How to use this text:

  1. Begin by reading the text slowly to ensure that you can understand the text, hover over or tap each word you do not understand.
  2. Re-read the text multiple times, each time aim to increase your reading speed without compromising your ability to understand the text.

NOTE: This text was automatically parsed, and is not fully validated. Occasionally a neuter nominative or accusative tag may be incorrect.

This text is from An Epitome of The New Testament by Nicholas Stoffell first published in 1900. It has been transcribed as part of the Greek Learner Texts project. The original PDF is available on archive.org.