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Greek Words You Already Know

More alphabet practice, by learning to read and write familiar bible names.

It is recommended you complete Writing the Letters of the Greek Alphabet before this lesson.

Biblical Greek names are excellent words to start learning. Even though the Koine Pronunciation is different to what you are used to hearing, they will still sound familiar enough to you that they are a gentle introduction to using the alphabet.

For each of these words:

  1. Use the speaker icon to listen to how each word is pronounced.
  2. Repeat each word out loud.
  3. Physically write out each word by hand on paper.

Actively using the language is important for learning. Your writing and speaking will not be perfect at the start, but it will improve over time. Although you should aim to pronounce and write clearly, but don’t feel pressure to be perfect right at the start.


Use the “Learn these words” button to become familiar with each word. After using the Learn these words button, the words will be added to the flashcard page. You can return to the flashcard page later to refresh your memory of these words.