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Introducing the Greek Alphabet

Learn how to read out loud each letter of the alphabet, and learn the order of the alphabet.

When you flip through a dictionary, when you search for a name in a list, or simply browse through a list of words, we rely on knowing the order of the alphabet to jump to the correct page or section. Searching an alphabetical list leans on the fact you learnt the order of the alphabet when you were a young. We will learn the order of the Greek alphabet in the exact same way.

I know not all of us enjoy singing, and we probably cant sing on the bus on the way to work. But actively singing the alphabet is so useful to the learning process I strongly encourage you to complete this step.

Biblical Greek Alphabet Song

Find a place where you are comfortable singing out loud and sing along with this song until you can sing it from memory without needing to watch the video.

You could sing along in your head, but singing out loud does speed up the memorization process.


Sing this song 3-4 times per day over the next few days until you can sing the alphabet comfortably in your head without the song. You can tap the “Revise lesson later” button to receive an email reminder tomorrow.

In the mean time, you can jump to the next lesson on writing the Alphabet as soon as you would like.