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Memorize the Lord's Prayer

Have you learnt the Lord’s Prayer yet. Let’s learn the words of the Lord’s prayer. Consider committing the Lord’s Prayer to memory.

What do you think would happen to your Greek reading skills if you committed the Lord’s Prayer to memory? Do you think being able to mentally reflect on the Lords Prayer would benefit you spiritually? I want to encourage you to believe its not as difficult as you might think. There are only 50 words in the Lords Prayer. 30 of the words are extremely common and 20 are less common.

(If you use the flashcard module on this site, you can check exactly how many words you already know.)

The purpose of memorization is not simply because their is value in learning the specific words of this prayer, but because learning the pattern provides us with a model for how we should pray more generally. The church fathers considered this prayer as an ‘ideal outline’ of a prayer.

One early church document from the second century, called the Didache, encourages converts to recite the prayer 3 times per day (Τρὶς τῆς ἡμέρας οὕτω προσεύχεσθε. Did 8:3) My challenge to you for the seven days, is to read this prayer out loud three times per day. Do you think that practicing this prayer 3 times per day for seven days will allow your brain to commit it to memory? Try it and let us know.

To help you achieve this we have the following resources:

The Lord’s Prayer — Listen and Repeat

Each line of the Lord’s Prayer is repeated 4 times, with space, so that you can practice repeating the words.

The Lord’s Prayer

Listen to the Lord’s Prayer read from start to finish on Youtube or Download the MP3.