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Reading Activity — John 1:1–5

Practice recognizing letters of the Greek alphabet through reading John 1:1–5.

It is recommended you complete Introducing the Greek Alphabet, Writing the Letters of the Greek Alphabet before this lesson.

Alphabet Practice using John 1:1-5

Focussing on the letters of each word as the text is being read aloud. You might like to attempt to read along with the audio once you are comfortable.

The primary purpose of this activity is to practice reading out loud, to recognizing each letter. This is a common classroom activity typically completed in small groups. Initially you should focus only on reading out loud, and not focus on the meaning of the words.

You can download verses 1-5 in mp3 format to listen to later.

If you finish the above reading active early, curious students might like to learn a few of the words. Here are the flashcards for verse 1.