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Reading and Writing Practice

Practice reading and writing your first Biblical Greek words.

It is recommended you complete Writing the Letters of the Greek Alphabet before this lesson.

Let’s continue improve our familiarity with the alphabet. Practice reading, writing, listening to, and reading these basic Biblical Greek words. These words are used as building blocks for sentences in future lessons.

Spend a 2-3 minutes, reading, writing, listening, and speaking each of these words. Don’t aim for perfection, these words will appear hundreds of times in future lessons.

Tip: Click “Learn These Words” below to add these words to the flashcard page.

Spend a few minutes speaking these sentences out loud until you can comfortably speak and understand the meaning of each sentence. You do not need perfect pronunciation before moving on to the next lesson.

Tip: Tap or mouse over each word if you need to refresh your memory of the meaning.

Check you can comfortably understand these sentences. Repeat this activity multiple times if needed.


Once you have practiced reading, writing, listening, and speaking each of the words in this lesson, you are ready to move on to the next lesson.