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More Alphabet Practice

Understand how the sounds of letters change in some words.

It is recommended you complete Reading and Writing Practice before this lesson.

When letter are combined into words, sometimes the pronunciation changes. In this lesson you will be introduced to how this occurs in Biblical Greek, and learn some words that contain these special pronunciation changes.

More Biblical Greek Pronunciation Information

Watch this introduction to to the pronunciation quirks that appear in Biblical Greek. It may be helpful to watch this video multiple times.

Spend a 2-3 minutes, reading, writing, listening, and speaking each of these words. Don’t aim for perfection, these words will appear hundreds of times in future lessons.

Tip: When click “Learn These Words”, the words are added to your study list. You can revise these words on the Flashcard page.

Practice listening how different letter combinations are pronounced. Complete mastery of pronunciation takes time. Your goal is not to master this today, but to simply practice content from todays video.


Once you have practiced reading, writing, listening, and speaking each of the words in this lesson, you are ready to move on to the next lesson.