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An introduction to basic verbs, how do we talk about walking?

It is recommended you complete Speaking before this lesson.

Introducing περιπατεῖ

Watch this short video, then complete the activities below.

Read each word out loud a few times. Use the speaker icon to hear how each word sounds. Then, use the Flashcard button below to practice these words.

Practice reading each sentence out loud a few times. If you can’t understand a word, hover your mouse or tap your finger on the word to check the meaning and pronunciation.

Practice what you have learnt in this lesson using this short quiz.

Self Evaluation

It is not expected at this point that you can easily recognize the alphabet or easily pronounce every single word. If you are able to speak out loud the sentences from this lesson and understand what they mean you are ready to move to the next lesson.

We recommend you use the “Revise lesson later” button. The “Revise lesson later” button will add this lesson to your dashboard and send you a reminder email tomorrow to revise what you have learnt today.