What is the Nestle 1904 Greek Edition of the Bible?


The Nestle 1904 edition of the Greek New Testament is one of the primary biblical greek texts found on our site, so it it is worth understanding this text.

The Nestle 1904 is in the public domain, therefore, it is free from copyright constraints, making it ideal for a website that wishes to make original language bible study accessible to students. This text is the predecessor to the scholarly edition of NA28 which is used by many scholars today. While many change shave been made between the 1904 edition and todays NA28, they are still closely related.

Eberhard Nestle (1851–1913) was a German scholar who was influential in the area of textual criticism. He published the first edition of this text in 1898. This first edition was based on earlier famous greek editions published by Constantin von Tischendorf and Westcott and Hort. Nestle’s text is differentiated from previous text due to the weighting it places on variants found in Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus.

This edition marks the first time we see brackets placed around text that is suspected to have not been written by the original author of a biblical text. John 7:53 is placed in brackets. Thus this text will be ideal for students who prefer bibles that follow this tradition.

The Nestle 1904 edition was scanned and uploaded online by , and can be downloaded in full by anyone who wants the. Go to the Nestle 1904 website.